Taste the Future

We've been hard at work listening to customer feedback and making the best nugget for you and your family. We're about to release a new formulation that is naturally free from all nine major food allergens. That means our new nuggets are gluten-free! They are also thicker, juicier, meatier, and more protein-packed.

We've partnered with the award-winning Honeybee Burger in Los Angeles to roll out these new nuggets. If you live in Los Angeles, head over to Honeybee Burger at the Colony (11419 Santa Monica Blvd) or their all-new Mid-City location (345 North La Brea Ave) to taste the future of Nowadays.

If you don't live near Honeybee, have no fear. We'll be rolling out our updated formulation online very soon! Sign up here to receive an update when these new, gluten-free nuggets are available to ship to your door.