Our Nuggets

Everything you need to know about our product:

We're glad you asked! We use only a handful of simple ingredients that are all kind to your body, the planet, and your conscience (read: guilt-free).

Our nuggets are made with: Water, Pea Protein, Whole Wheat Flour, High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Maple Fiber, Yeast Extract, Salt, Natural Flavor, Onion Powder and Garlic Powder.

Oh, and lots of love.

Our nuggets are unique, just like your taste buds. We suggest a range of cooking times to fit your preferences. If you're all about that crisp, let 'em cook a little longer. If juicy is your jam, pull them out sooner.

Bake frozen for 17-20 min at 425° F in a preheated oven. (Note: Ovens can take 15 min to preheat!) 

Air fry frozen for 12-14 min at 400° F. 

PRO TIP: Either way you cook ‘em be sure to let them rest 3-5 minutes before eating for optimal crunchiness! Like them extra crispy? Add an extra 2-3 minutes to your cooking time.

Don’t microwave. While we love microwaves, our nuggets do not.

Our nuggets can vary in size, just like the ones you make at home. Each 1 pound box contains about 20-25 nuggets — or about 5 servings — to satisfy you, your picky eater, your partner, your bestie, your neighbor, or really anyone who wants to crave better.

We are non-GMO Project Certified so you won’t find any GMOs here. You also won’t find: thickeners, binders, artificial flavors, added sugars, junk or anything that once had a beak and feathers.

Nowadays nuggets contain whole wheat, so please do not consume them if you have a wheat allergy.

While peas have not been identified as a major allergen, a few rare cases of pea allergies have been reported (especially among individuals who have existing food allergies to other legumes like peanuts). If you have a severe allergy to legumes, be cautious when introducing pea protein into your diet.

We're proud to have stringent quality standards and sanitation practices in place to ensure optimal quality and nutrition of our products. Although our products do not contain soy, we do process our nuggets in a facility that manufactures products that may contain soy.

Our nuggets are not currently gluten-free, although we hope to be able to offer gluten-free products in the future.

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We're currently in Whole Foods Market stores in the Southwestern U.S., including Southern California, Southern Nevada, Arizona, and Hawaii, along with several other retailers. We’re in over 70 stores and expanding quickly. Check out our store locator to see if we are available near you.

Not near you yet? Be sure to add your name to our location request form below our store locator so we can let you know when we pop up in your area!

Our Original Plant-Based Nuggets are currently available to order online at Plant X. Stay tuned for additional online grocery options coming soon.

Yes! We’re available on select menus in LA, NYC, and San Francisco, and we’ll be on more menus across the country in the coming months. Check out our Find Near Me page to see where we’re available near you.