Everything's better with
friends. Especially snacks.

Referral FAQs

That's right! Spread the love this season and we'll happily return it. When you get 3 friends to try Nowadays, we'll send you a box of our Original Nuggets free. This offer is good for all referrals of new customers who make a purchase between 11/8 and 12/31 at 11:59pm PT. We'll ship out your free box(es) the first week of January.

We will issue your discount exactly one day after your friend makes their first purchase using your personal URL. Why one day later? Because it helps keep us safe from potentially ill-intentioned folks :)

That my friend is a negative. While we also love double dipping, this is a one & done deal.

No limit whatsoever. In fact, we dare you to try and break the non-existent limit. We might even reward you for it.

Yes! All discount codes are good for one-time and subscription purchases. To apply it to your subscription, all you need to do is follow the steps below to add it to your next shipment:

- Log in to your account (the little person icon in the top right)

- Click "Manage subscriptions"

- Click on "Subscriptions"

- Click into your active subscription

- There is a button that says "Add discount"

- A window will open that has an input field for a discount code.

- Paste your friend's referral code in & viola, your discount will be applied to your next order! Noting it will be a one-time discount, not a forever discount :)