"My new
favorite nugget!"
— You

100% tasty. 100% plant-based. 0% junk.


"Without a doubt, the best alt-chicken I've ever had."

Olivia C.



"OMG. Insane! They are amazing, delicious, & SO crazy meat-like. I don't know how you made this magic happen, but I bow down to the Nowadays team."

Michelle C.



"I love these nuggies! Seriously pheNOMenal. I'm going back for seconds!"

Jillian K.



"I used to feel bad about a nugget night. Now I make sure it's a weekly staple — for me & the kids!"

Bretlyn S.



"All of the junk food I love, minus the junk!"

Asher B.



These nuggets don't taste like they would be this good for you!

Camila D.

"These are the best nuggets I've ever had. Crispy, juicy, & delicious — all joy, no junk."

Teddy T.

"These are *the best* nuggets! Even better: I feel great eating them."

Sarah S.



"These nuggets are leading the clean eating revolution, & (most importantly) they‘re delicious!"

Caroline V.

Why Nowadays?

Nowadays started with a craving. A craving for tastier foods. A craving for shame-free snacking and guilt-free indulgence. A craving to do better for the planet and all who live on it.

At Nowadays, we know better is possible. 

That’s why we’re on a mission to make mindful eating choices easier. We’d love for you to join us and crave better. 

— Max & Dominik, Co-founders

Each of our 7 ingredients was selected with you, your family, and our planet in mind:


Chicken & Waffles

Breakfast for dinner? Dinner for breakfast? Either way, you'll love our modern twist on this classic favorite.


Caesar Wrap with Avocado

A healthy salad, or a decadent sandwich? Both? Turns out, you can have your nuggets and eat them too in this wrapped up caesar.


Spicy Buffalo Chicken Bites

While neither Buffalo nor chicken are on the menu, spicy deliciousness and cool ranch are served up in less than 15 min.

Nowadays plant-based clean label nuggets

Taste what all the hype is about, risk-free