The nuggets you
love, without any
of the junk.

7 ingredients
13g protein
120 calories
100% plant-based

Tasty plant-based nuggets made with a handful of simple ingredients.


Our Ingredients

Pea Protein

Non-GMO yellow peas.

Whole Wheat Flour

Higher in fiber, iron, calcium, & protein than white flour.

Sunflower Oil

Our high oleic sunflower oil is one of the healthiest oils for frying food.

Yeast Extract

The secret ingredient for our meaty, umami flavor.

Maple Fiber

A sustainable source of healthy fiber & the perfect egg replacer.


The liquid gold we all know & love.

Don't take our word for it!


"I have eaten A LOT of fast food nuggets in my days. I've been trying to make healthier choices & I saw an ad for these on Instagram. It sounded WAY too good to be true, & I've never been a huge fan of meat alternatives. But I ordered some anyhow. I'm about to order my next two boxes. I never thought I would be eating & loving plant-based nuggets- but here I am."

Michael E.

"OMG. Insane! They are amazing, delicious, & SO crazy meat-like. I don't know how you made this magic happen, but I bow down to the Nowadays team."

Michelle C.

"Total game changer for my littles. The 4yo and 7yo picky eaters love them. I love them. We will not be without. So great in kids lunches and late afternoon high protein snack. Brilliant"

Cari G.

"My family loves these! Best plant based chicken nuggets we’ve had, hands down!"

Amanda O.

"Hands down, the BEST nuggets I have ever had - meat or non-meat! I even fed them to a friend who isn't familiar with plant-based foods and he said they were better than "regular chicken nuggets"... I concur! In addition to the taste, the nutrition profile is OUTSTANDING. Low in fat, high in fiber and protein. Absolutely perfect and fits right in with my fitness macros!"

Erin S.

"These nuggets taste almost like dark chicken. They have a fatty, funky profile. The first time I tried them it turned me off, tbh, but now I'm low-key addicted. How does such a healthy nuggie taste so naughty?"

Maura D.

"These are so darn good! My husband smelled them when I was cooking and he made his own. He didn’t even realize they weren’t real chicken nuggets. I had to tell him and he was baffled. They are a huge hit in my family and are now going to be a staple in our freezer!"

Amanda N.

"Such a great healthy lunch idea for kids!"

Aly G.

"We love these! So much better than the Nuggs or the Gardein strips. The texture and taste are perfect and we love the simple ingredient list. We will be a regular customer!!!"

Lynette M.

It all started with a craving.


Chicken & Waffles

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Caesar Wrap with Avocado

A healthy salad, or a decadent sandwich? Both? Turns out, you can have your nuggets and eat them too in this wrapped up caesar.


Spicy Buffalo Chicken Bites

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